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Dr. Richardson is one of the pioneers in the industry through his early development of the Subtitle D regulations including comprehensive training and education of solid waste containment and geosynthetic design. Dr. Richardson’s background in geosynthetics dates to 1976. He was a founding member of ASTM D-35 Committee on Geosynthetics and the Geosynthetics Research Institute. Dr. Richardson co-authored a book on the design of geotextiles for IFAI. In 1985, Dr. Richardson co-authored a geosynthetic design manual for U.S. EPA on the design of hazardous waste landfills and surface impoundments (EPA/600/S2-87-097), taught three national landfill design courses for EPA, and co-authored a landfill seismic design manual for U.S. EPA (EPA/600/R-95/051).

Dr. Richardson is the founder of the firm, past Chairman of Board, past President, and is now currently retired from active services with Smith Gardner, Inc.

Dr. Richardson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from California State University, a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate from University of California at Los Angeles.